Climate Conversations exhibit will benefit Carolina Thread Trail | Catawba Lands Conservancy
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February 8, 2024
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March 1, 2024
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Climate Conversations exhibit will benefit Carolina Thread Trail

Celebrate Earth Day beautifully & thoughtfully with a visit to an interactive art exhibit.

Wil Bosbyshell manages to make the vast climate challenges we face personal and relevant. His large-scale drawings of trees—the largest is over 6 feet tall–are mesmerizing in the level of detail they provide; and they hang amidst suspended images that flutter as you walk through them like leaves in a forest.

The exhibit is interactive in several ways, inviting your participation. You can touch the fabric tree hangings as you walk through. You can write a thought from your past and hang it on the memory tree. You can take a tree memory poster home with you.

Bosbyshell has always been fascinated with trees. You will be as well after you spend time immersed in this art experience. Bosbyshell’s art is rooted in a love for the natural environment, and our intimate but often unconscious relationship with it. His ongoing observation and time amidst natural landscapes allow him to center his practice on honoring and protecting the world, while simultaneously paying homage to the beauty it provides.

By centering on the interaction between the texture of the bark, the natural design of the limbs and the depiction of scars left by time and weather, he stimulates our minds and invites us to develop a more personal relationship with trees—leading to greater understanding of their importance in the ecosystem and the spiritual place they hold in the world.

His fascination with trees lies in the belief that trees are not proverbial abstract things but individual, living beings with personalities and stories to tell. Bringing those stories into daily consciousness is at the heart of his creative process.

Become part of the exhibit by jotting your own experience with a favorite tree and hanging it on the Memory Tree! Bosbyshell has collected hundreds of tree memories from folks around North Carolina. The memories range from nostalgic to profound. Posters of the collected memories are free to take home as a souvenir of the exhibit.

The Exhibit is in the grand hall of the Charlotte Art League  at 4237 Raleigh Street in the North Davidson area of Charlotte, and runs from April 5th to 30th. Tree drawings and other artwork are available for purchase.

OPENING RECEPTIONS: Friday April 12th from 6 to 9 PM and Sunday April 14th 1 to 5 PM.