Stewardship | Catawba Lands Conservancy



Acquiring property is just the first phase of the Conservancy’s work. Because we conserve land forever, we have the responsibility to make sure each property’s special natural features remain intact. This type of work is called stewardship.

The Conservancy has a stewardship director and a team of dedicated volunteers who visit each property at least annually to monitor and document the conditions of each property’s conservation values. Staff and volunteers monitor more than 11,000 acres annually. If you are interested in volunteering to help with our stewardship efforts, email Becca Cohler.

The Conservancy’s Stewardship and Legal Defense Fund is integral in our ability to permanently steward these lands. Money in this fund is used to care for protected properties and to defend conservation easements legally if need be. We thank all the landowners and other donors who have contributed to this essential fund.

Photo: Hagan’s Forest by Nancy Pierce