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April 3, 2024
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Donor Profile: Legacy Gift to Benefit the Carolina Thread Trail

Danny Myers was a modern day Renaissance man—his life was full of adventure, hard work, and reinvention.

Over his 79 years, he had several careers, including college teacher, nursing home administrator, home inspector, and business owner. He had a Master’s degree in Philosophy. He loved art and music. He was an avid hiker and camper. He visited many museums on his travels around the world. He also loved working out at the YMCA in Belmont.

In 2022 Danny was diagnosed with leukemia, and told he had somewhere between 6 months and two years to live. He started thinking about what kind of legacy he wanted to leave to memorialize his parents, brother, and longtime partner, Sarah.

Danny and Sarah both loved nature, and wanted to help preserve the natural beauty of the area for future generations. He also wanted to ensure that access to nature and outdoor recreation would be free and available for everyone in his community. These values led him to leave a significant bequest to the Carolina Thread Trail. Another gift from Danny was made to the Stowe YMCA in Belmont.

Danny’s legacy will be honored at a future bridge on the Carolina Thread Trail in Gaston County. He requested that the bridge have a plaque reading “Sarah and Danny’s Bridge,” with two joined hearts.

People like Danny, who have made planned gifts to help save land and connect lives to nature, have made a transformational difference for nature and people in our region. If you are interested in finding out more about ways you can make a lifetime gift, or how your legacy could make a difference, we would love to speak with you or send you information. Or, if you have already set up a planned gift, we would like to know so we can recognize and thank you now. Please reach out to us at 704-342-3330.