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April 23, 2012
Our Annual Meeting is Just a Few Days Away: Get Directions to Redlair Farm & Forest!
April 26, 2012
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Enjoy a Hike at Redlair After the Annual Meeting

After our Annual Meeting on April 28, we will offer attendees several hikes that will provide everyone with a wonderful opportunity to see and enjoy Redlair Farm & Forest. We will offer two self-guided hikes, two nature hikes, a creek crawl for families and kids, and a tour of the preserve with Redlair landowner Haywood Rankin. The CLC Annual Meeting is Saturday, April 28 at 9 a.m. Click here for directions to Redlair and more meeting details.

Redlair Odyssey (3-hour hike):  Explore the landscapes that make Redlair a conservation masterpiece. Haywood Rankin, landowner and conservationist, will lead participants through forests, fields, historic sites, streams, and the intimate history associated with this model conservation project.

Kid-Friendly Creek Crawl  (45-minute walk):  Parents and children alike will enjoy the trickling sounds of water while exploring the creeks of Redlair. Two crawls will be offered, with one being lead by CLC Board Member Reed Perkins.

Nature Hikes (approx. 1 hour roundtrip):  We will offer two nature hikes that will be open to for both adults and children. As you walk along the scenic trails you’ll learn more about the conservation values and, the sights and sounds of Redliar. Two of these hikes will be offered; one will be lead by Redlair landowner Sabine Rankin.

Self-guided hike (South Fork Splash Trail – Follow trail 16)  (approx. 1 hour roundtrip):  This trail begins along the edge of the forest and skirts rolling fields.  Entering the forest, the trail slowly descends towards the South Fork River.  As you emerge from the trees and cross the open meadow, the sounds of the river will greet you. This beginner trail is predominately level with some moderate terrain.  At a casual pace, the hike takes approximately one hour as a round trip.

Self-guided hike (Adam Hunter Prairie Loop – Follow trails 2 and 3) (approx. 1 hour roundtrip):  This trail begins in the “cathedral” area of Redlair before it enters the forest.  As you descend towards the South Fork River, the trail meanders along babbling creeks. Hike back up towards the prairie and you’ll notice that the forest canopy changes to include more pines.  After you leave the forest, you’ll be immersed in the Adam Hunter Prairie, home to the federally endangered Schweintz’s Sunflower. Continue through the forest until you emerge at Old Lake. This intermediate trail features moderate terrain. Plan to spend approximately one hour at a casual pace on this delightful hike.