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February 22, 2011
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March 24, 2011
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NatureFest 2011 Hikes

Thanks for your interest our hikes offered at Redlair NatureFest 2011! For this year’s NatureFest celebration on Saturday, April 30, we are offering a wide variety of guided hikes, as well as maps for those who prefer to hike on their own.

Our guided hikes will be open to participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up at the Outpost during NatureFest. Hikes fill quickly, so please stop by early to make your selection and secure your spot!

Maps for self-guided hikes will also be available at the Outpost. All hikers are encouraged to bring water and sturdy walking shoes.

Guided Hike Descriptions

Redlair Odyssey
Explore the landscapes that make Redlair a conservation masterpiece.  The leader of this hike will be Haywood Rankin; land owner and conservationist. Mr. Rankin will lead participants through forests, fields, historic sites, streams, and the intimate history associated with this model conservation project. NOTE: Participants must be strong hikers; this hike covers steep and varied terrain.

Wildflower Wonder
Stop and smell the vast variety of wildflowers in Redlair with Sabine Rankin, owner of this spectacular property.

Botany, History and Redlair
Join the Conservancy’s resident Michaux expert Charlie Williams for an entertaining hike that includes a botanical and historical component.

Twitter and Tweets
Don’t miss this informative birding hike as hike leader Sally Miller helps you to identify birds by their vocalizations and field markings.

The Fungus Among Us
If you’ve been curious about mushrooms and other edible treats in nature, join Allein Stanley for a up close look at the fungi that call Redlair home.

Little Sunflower on the Prairie
Join botanist Lisa Gaffney who made the initial discovery of the federally endangered Schweinitz’s sunflower at Redlair.  Lisa will talk about the restoration of the Adam Hunter Prairie and the native plants and grasses that compliment the sunflower at this very special location.

Tiny Torrents Tell Tall Tales
Cameron Moore and Ralph McGee will take participants on a rain drop’s journey from when it hits the forest floor, moves through the soil and rock, flows into a headwater stream and reaches the South Fork Catawba River.

What’s for Dinner, Dear?
Join Queens University professor Dr. Carrie Dejaco for a hike that will educate participants about the impacts the local deer population is having on the vegetation at Redlair.

Tree Spree: Magnolias and Much More
Explore several of the unique magnolia “coves” at Redlair as Andy Kane shares information about the rich diversity of trees and plants that grow in concert with the magnolias.

Cracking Up: The Role of the Sun in Cracking Rocks
New research is shedding light on how the sun might crack rocks that are sitting on Earth’s surface. Led by Suraj Swami and Jen Aldred, this hike will look at some of the rock outcrops located on Redlair and discuss the physical weathering processes affecting them. The journey will end at “Pebbles,” a rock instrumented with 32 sensors to “listen” for cracking and to monitor the conditions that occur when cracks happen.

Creek Crawl
A perfect excursion for curious children and their parents! Join Mandy Bloom for a hands on look at the creeks of Redlair.