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Gar Creek Conservation Area

History and water quality characterize this vital conservation area which is home to Gar Creek, a major tributary to Mountain Island Lake, the drinking water source for over one million people. Forested buffers and limited development in the watershed are important for water quality conservation. The area also protects one of oldest working farms in Mecklenburg County, which has been continually farmed by the McCoy family since 1770.
McCoy Farm

Ride down McCoy Road and get a glimpse of by-gone days as a working farm in Mecklenburg County is a rare site. The McCoy Farm homestead and outbuildings were constructed in 1886 by locally renowned builder John E. McCauley for Albert McCoy. Historical accolades include Century Farm, local historic landmark and the U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places. Limited development adjacent to Gar Creek – which flows into the region’s primary drinking water source, Mountain Island Lake – is a benefit of the conserved landscape.

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