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Long Creek Conservation Area

This complex of properties has a focus on conserving water quality in Long Creek, which is a tributary of the Catawba River. Located in what once was a highly industrialized area, the land with its forested slopes and flood plains now provides a habitat for a variety of plants and wildlife. With the US National Whitewater Center as a neighbor and a segment of the Carolina Thread Trail, this area is becoming a favorite for outdoor recreation.
Long Creek East Preserve and Long Creek East Conservation Easement

These two protected properties marry conservation and recreation and highlight the importance of partnerships.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department, CLC and US National Whitewater Center collaborated to extend the Center’s trail network into the two conserved properties. The forested areas adjacent to Long Creek continue to do their part in protecting water quality in the Catawba River watershed, while hikers and cyclist are often treated to the sight of wild turkeys and white-tailed deer.

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Long Creek West Conservation Easement

Silverbell, lizard’s tail, camphorweed, rusty blackbirds and Gulf Coast spiny softshell turtle – while this may sound like the contents of a Halloween brew, it’s actually just a few of the plant and wildlife species that call this area home. The rusty blackbird is one of North America’s most rapidly declining bird species and this property provides critical winter habitat for these unusual birds. The population has plunged an estimated 85-99 percent over the past 40 years, puzzling scientists. The property is paralleled by the Catawba River on the west and Long Creek to the south and east.

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