Mountain Island Lake Conservation Area | Catawba Lands Conservancy

Mountain Island Lake Conservation Area

Mountain Island Lake is the primary source of drinking water for the Charlotte region. CLC coordinated with the NC Forest Service, NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund and Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation to protect much of Mountain Island Lake's shores and tributaries. These lands include mature forests, family farms, wetlands and rare piedmont prairies.
Catawba Wildflower Glen

The 19-acre Catawba Wildflower Glen is one of the richest properties of biodiversity in Mecklenburg County.  CLC purchased this land just outside of Charlotte in 1995 making this our first protected property.  The steep ravines and unique soil create ideal conditions for an unusually high amount of biodiversity with more than 110 species of plants, including many wildflowers such as Catesby’s trillium, bloodroot, yellow lady-slippers and the rare Georgia aster. The Glen is truly spectacular in early spring when the wildflowers are in bloom.

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