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Ramah Creek Conservation Area

What a story this 700-acre area could tell: one of history, change and a bright future. A historic landmark, McAuley Rd., is the last public gravel road left in Mecklenburg County and has shared its vistas of fields and forests since the 1920’s. Two NC Species of Concern find refuge in the area just east of Huntersville. Conservation has provided forested buffers that contribute to the water quality of Ramah Creek.
Bragg Farm

Comprised of six properties totaling 343 acres that anchor the Ramah Creek Conservation Area, Bragg Farm is a scenic blend of fields and forests, unique rock outcrops and wildlife food plots. Mature forests next to the banks of Ramah Creek contribute to the protection of water quality. This mosaic of landscapes creates a refuge for a variety of wildlife including uncommon songbirds, wild turkeys and white-tailed deer. (68)

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Will's Wood

This 35-acre forested gem is a small but critical piece of the conservation area.  Located in the rapidly developing northeast corner of Mecklenburg County, the land offers scenic relief from busy Hwy. 73. Oak and hickory trees combined with a small area of pine forest provide natural habitats for wildlife. There is also a noteworthy piece of history associated with the land: According to the Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission, in 1802 Thomas Cashion purchased 114 acres, of which Will’s Woods is a part, for $224.

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Cedrone Farm

The 34-acre Cedrone Property, part of the Ramah Creek Conservation Area, protects forested floodplains and wetlands that contribute to the water quality in the Ramah Creek.  North facing slopes with mature oak-hickory forests is ideal for native plants, shrubs, wildflowers and herbs.  Open fields provide early successional habitat for wildlife and unusual rock outcrops are scattered throughout the property.

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