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August 24, 2022
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Smaller properties, big wins

The Conservancy has protected three new properties so far in 2022! The 31-acre McCorkle-Howie Conservation Easement is in Union
County. The Deal and Freeman-Holcomb Conservation Easements are both located in Mecklenburg County, and total nearly 30 acres of protected land. These three properties add to existing conservation corridors, preserve local history and protect water quality, making them important additions to our 17,000 acres of properties.

The Freeman-Holcomb Conservation Easement is approximately 27 acres and is located within the Charlotte, NC city limits. Situated within the Reedy Creek watershed, the property provides an ecological oasis in the city’s quickly urbanizing environment. The property also contains a local historic site and is partially protected by the Historic Landmarks Commission.

The McCorkle-Howie Conservation Easement is located in Waxhaw, NC and drains into a tributary of Waxhaw Creek. As neighboring metropolitan areas expand, protecting the property from future development is important to ensuring a healthy creek and waterbodies downstream. The property also provides habitat for native species such as white-tailed deer, migratory songbirds, wildflowers and more.

Land Conservation Director Amanda Byrum commented, “Both of these properties are critical to ensuring pockets of natural forestscapes remain, despite encroaching development. Natural places like these are important for our drinking water, air quality and as habitat for the many species of plants and animals native to the Carolina Piedmont.”

Both properties were offered as conservation projects by the current landowners, who wish to see the land protected from development.

The Deal Conservation Easement, while a small property, expands the Conservancy’s Mountain Island Lake Conservation Area and adds on to the Catawba Wildflower Glen. This project was a partnership with the City of Charlotte’s Tree Canopy Protection Program, which seeks to preserve open space and tree cover within Charlotte.

We have many more projects in the works, and look forward to sharing more conservation wins with you!


Photo by Nancy Pierce.