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June 5, 2020
Catawba Lands Conservancy adds 87 acres of protected land along Forney Creek
August 12, 2020
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We stand against racism.

We stand for racial equity and against systemic racism.  The current motivation for that statement is a recent series of deaths resulting from acts of racism involving Black men and women in particular.  Making a statement is important, and as an organization, we want to assure that our work represents our values.

Our mission of saving land and connecting lives to nature has benefits that are intended for everyone, including good health, recreation, clean air and clean water. We recognize that history provides many examples of benefits being reserved for a few or withheld from specific groups. In an effort to avoid such issues in ways that are within our power, we hope to:

  • Pursue racial equity in our organizational culture and increase the diversity of representation in our staff, volunteers and Board of Directors;
  • Factor in the impacts that our conservation efforts and priorities have on minority and marginalized communities;
  • Increase our attention to marginalized voices;
  • Apply anti-racist practices to our work with community leaders and law enforcement agencies;
  • Plan programs that are fully inclusive, so everyone in our community has access to the restorative power of nature;
  • Implement recreational opportunities that serve the expressed needs and desires of local communities of color;
  • Continue to share resources to educate ourselves and our community on inequities in the outdoors;
  • Promote outdoor affinity groups and the work of scientists, artists, and activists of color in conservation and outdoor advocacy.

Please help us remain accountable as we listen, learn and strive for a better future.