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December 30, 2019
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February 10, 2020
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Flying squirrels spotted at Eastover Ridge Preserve


Recently, students from Queens University have been conducting research on our Eastover Ridge Preserve. Some of the students were working to discover if and how owls are using the owl boxes located in trees on the property. In the course of their research, these students made an elusive discovery: The property is home to flying squirrels!

Night vision cameras that were set up to photograph the owls also captured a photo of a flying squirrel. Flying squirrels have never been documented at Eastover Ridge and are a new addition to the list of known species on the property. So far the squirrels are a bit of a mystery and we do not know much about them. However, we’re celebrating this timely discovery, as January 21 is National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

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