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January 11, 2017
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A Little Rainfall Goes a Long Way

Sally's YMCA and Catawba Springs Trail - This is the waterfowl impoundment accessible by footbridge

Catawba Springs Preserve, a 136-acre preserve that is a part of the Forney Creek Conservation Area in Lincoln County, safeguards both water quality and wildlife habitat. Two man-made impoundments on the property, Waterfowl Impoundment Observation Deck at Catawaba Springs Preservewhich was previously owned by the Catawba Springs Hunt Club, have created an important refuge for migrating waterfowl.

Impound (v): To gather and enclose water.
Impoundment (n): A body of water impounded with an enclosure, such as a reservoir.

Catawba Lands Conservancy and Carolina Thread Trail staff, along with the help of some great volunteers, has built a new observation deck that overlooks one of the impoundments. Highly affected by rainfall, the waterfowl impoundment was completely dry at the beginning of October through November. After just a small amount of rainfall it was full and once again a viable habitat for these migrating waterfowl.

The Forney Creek Trail, a segment of the Carolina Thread Trail, is on the Catawba Springs Preserve and can be used to access the observation deck.  Make sure to take a trip to see this unique, man-made habitat! There are a number of winter species that you are likely to see, including:Full Waterfowl Impoundment in DecemberDry Waterfowl Impoundment

  • Great blue heron
  • Kingfisher
  • American coot
  • River otter
  • Snowy egret
  • Mallard
  • Wood duck
  • Ring-necked duck
  • Gadwall
  • American wigeon
  • Green-winged teal
  • Hawk


Photos: Feature image of the waterfowl impoundment by Nancy Pierce; top left of the newly constructed observation deck; bottom left of the waterfowl impoundment completely dry in November; bottom right of the waterfowl impoundment full after rain and snow in January.