New Trail, Kayak Launch and Parking Lot Coming Soon to Viles Preserve | Catawba Lands Conservancy
Carolina Thread Trail Awards $268,069 to Communities
October 14, 2013
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October 14, 2013
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New Trail, Kayak Launch and Parking Lot Coming Soon to Viles Preserve

Viles PreserveThe Carolina Thread Trail Governing Board recently awarded four implementation grants, totaling $268,069, for community projects along the Carolina Thread Trail (The Thread). One of those grants is for a trail project at the Viles Preserve in Catawba and Lincoln counties, which is permanently protected by CLC. Implementation grants provide funding to communities to assist with trail corridor planning, land acquisition and construction of trails for The Thread.

Catawba Lands Conservancy – $150,000 (for use in Catawba/Lincoln Counties): Funds awarded to Catawba Lands Conservancy (CLC) will be used for the design, permitting, acquisition of an access easement and trailhead, and construction of a gravel parking area, approximately three miles of natural surface trail and a canoe launch at CLC’s Viles Preserve.

Located along the South Fork River in Catawba and Lincoln counties, the Viles Preserve is 284 permanently conserved natural acres that protect water quality, scenic views and open space and wildlife habitat. This grant will provide funding to create a cross-county trail on the property with direct access off of Blackburn Bridge Road. The trail will enhance the quality of life for neighboring communities by allowing the public to enjoy the natural ecology of this preserved land, access to and along the river, recreation, exercise and educational opportunities. Work on the trail and launch is expected to begin next year.