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April 5, 2023
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May 1, 2023
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Springtime wonders

Our field team are always stumbling upon new and wondrous finds when they’re out on properties. Here are just a few of the springtime discoveries they’ve made recently:

1. Box turtle emerging from brumation (not hibernation). Brumation is similar to hibernation, but occurs in cold blooded animals.
A box turtle sits on a bed of dried leaves.
2. Fiddleheads of Christmas fern emerging from the leaf litter.
Seven young fiddle leaf ferns are growing out of a bed of dead leaves.
3. Mayapple blossom hiding under the leaves. Patches may look like hundreds of plants, but may actually only be 2 or 3 individuals.
A hand holds a delicate white mayapple blossom out from underneath the plant's green leaves.
4. Emerging leaves of a mockernut hickory. The leaf scales sometimes get confused for petals of a flower.
Leaf scales of a mockernut hickory tree stand upright in front of a hardwood forest with new spring growth.
5. Leaves of purple wood sorrel tucked in on the forest floor.
Clover-like leaves with a purple-green tinge pop out of a bed of dead leaves
6. Newly opened flowers from a sweet shrub. These dark purple flowers fill the forest with a sweet floral aroma.
A thin branch with spring green leaves and maroon blossoms is in front of a tree trunk and pine straw.